About Us

Hours of Operation* (New York/U.S. Eastern Time)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Closed 10A-2P 10A-2P 10A-2P Closed

* Availability subject to existing bookings/reservations.

We do everything vBulletin-related. We now also work with XenForo.


  • Handcrafted Custom Plugins.
    Your forum can do anything you want. Big-board friendly.
  • Automation.
    Automate the simple but irritatingly time consuming tasks on your forum.
  • Forum Security.
    Checkup, infection removal, and hacker intrusion prevention.
  • Supercharging.
    Cut your forum’s loading time without a server upgrade.
  • XenForo Migration.
    Upgrade to XenForo; we do all of the above for XenForo too.

No-questions-asked, 90-day 100% Money-back Guarantee

I don’t consider your purchase binding or committed on your part until after you follow the directions I provide and carefully monitor progress towards your goal.

If at any point in the 90 days following the completion of a project, you can’t honestly affirm that you got the result sought after, I don’t feel like I deserve to keep your money.

90-day Custom Plugin Warranty

All custom plugin projects also include a 90-day warranty (support, bug fixes, and updates), in addition to the money-back guarantee.

Location: New York, New York, USA
Hourly Rate: 260 USD